ON SITE Repairs


At times on site body repairing may be a desired option. In some cases, there may be no other option, such as in an emergency. But, consider the following:

Companies that provide ON SITE body repair have Mobile Service Vehicles AND have a much higher operating cost. Additional equipment, tools, insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance and licensing all increase the operating expenses. This expense is passed on to customers who could save significantly by bringing their vehicle in to the repair shop.

Additionally, Body Repair Shops are noisy and turn the on site area into a health & safety hazard zone. YOUR place of business is NOT a body shop. Also, there are zoning laws that could possibly make your business the target of unfair and unwanted fines and liabilities. So, bringing the shop to you may not always be a favorable option. In-shop repairs allow the repairs to be done in a controlled environment that is well equipped for repairs which in turn results in better quality service.

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